How Often To Water Succulents

Author: Eugeniu V.

Published on 20.09.2022


Succulent plants are loved and cherished by many gardeners. They are striking plants with beautiful foliage. Those beauties are drought-tolerant and mostly self-sufficient. They have water storage found in their thick, shaped leaves. It is pretty low maintenance and comes in a variety of forms, textures, colors, and sizes.

Succulents are considered to be easy to care for and can survive some neglect. Yet, they require care and attention to thrive. Since you came across this article, you must be wondering how often to water succulents. Below, we will discuss all you need to know about succulents watering schedules.

Factors That Affect Watering Schedule


Without initially discussing soil, it is impossible to discuss irrigation. Because of their thin root systems, succulents demand well-draining soil. Whatever your watering schedule, it won't matter if water gathers in a container. This will oversaturate roots for a prolonged length of time. The plant won't survive due to the rotting of the roots.

It is recommended to plant succulents in soil that is rich in nutrients, loose, and well-draining. There are succulent soil mixes, which can be used when having those plants in the pot. Another important thing is to make sure that your container has drainage holes. This way, the excess water will go through and won’t be collected. 

Plant succulents in loose, rocky soil that is nutrient-rich for best results. If you are planting succulents in containers, use a potting mix formulated for succulents. Plant in a pot with holes in the bottom for drainage.


Succulents are actively developing and growing during the spring and summer. This is the time when the temperature raises. In those months, water them much more frequently. They rapidly extract water from the earth as they grow new stems, leaves, roots, and blossoms.

Succulent plants go dormant in the winter. Do not water them very much throughout the season because their growth has stopped. Giving succulents much hydration in winter can kill them. Make sure to keep the watering to minimal from November until March. Allow your succulent to rest peacefully.

Pot Size

larger pots contain more soil, which retains moisture longer. Therefore, they require less frequent watering. Small, shallow pots will need more regular watering since the soil dries up more quickly. 

Sunlight And Humidity

More water is required by succulents that receive more sun. This is If your plant receives sunlight for at least 10 hours. Plant outdoors receive more light. That is why they need to be watered more often.

Does the area your succulent is placed have a higher level of humidity? Then you may have to water them less frequently. In higher humidity, the soil dries out later.

How Often To Water Succulents Outside

You should always be mindful of your succulent plants. The plants will tell you when they need more hydration. Simply said, no matter the timing, you shouldn't water the plant if the soil is still moist. Hydrate when the dirt is dry and the foliage looks shriveled or dried up.

Once the temperature goes above 40 Fahrenheit (5°C), it is time to water succulents. For this, give a good soak every two weeks. Yet, when the temperature drops, reduce watering. The average length of time between waterings can be one month.

How Often To Water Succulents Indoors

The soil needs to be dried out between waterings. The leaves store water too. Do not let the water get on the leaves - it can cause stains. Also, it can increase the threat of rot. Apply water with a pour spout. When giving hydration, make sure the soil gets saturated well. Dump out any excess water from the saucer.

How To Water Succulents

Yes, there are correct and incorrect ways of watering succulents. Native to the desert, succulents receive little rain in their natural settings, but when it does, it pours. Desert downpours resemble monsoons because sheets of water fall from the sky.

When you water your succulent, soak it completely to simulate desert rain. Slowly pour water over it, continuing to do so until you see the water coming out of the drainage holes. You can give the deep watering less frequently. Or, you can give succulents small amounts of water more often.

Bottom Line - How Often To Water Succulents

How often to water succulents depends on the conditions and environment. Also, it is greatly dependent on the succulent species. Some require more water, and some likes less. Watering succulents is only beneficial once the soil dries out completely.  See, the majority of houseplants require constant moisture in the soil. Unlike your succulent. If you keep the soil constantly wet, the roots will rot. The root rot will result in the death of the plant.

Typically, in summer, those beauties require watering every week outdoors. If placed indoors, hydrate every other week. In winter, give water to your babies once a month.