Moonshine Snake Plant Care Guide

Author: Eugeniu V.

Published on 18.09.2022

The moonshine snake plant is a wonderful houseplant to get. It comes with beautiful leaves with the colors vivid green and silvery white. This beauty is considered to be low maintenance. Therefore, it is relatively easy to care. However, there are some specific things that those cuties require. In this article, we will discuss some of the most important aspects of moonshine snake plant care. 

About Moonshine Snake Plant

Evergreen perennials known as snake plants are native to tropical West Africa. Although they bloom, you don't typically buy snake plants for their blooms. You purchase them for the strikingly colored and patterned tall, erect leaves.

This particular plant is one of the about 70 distinct species of snake plants. It has lovely, light-mint green foliage. The flowers of those specific plants are typically white. They do have a very slight fragrant. The flowering stage is typically very short. 

Moonshine Snake Plant Care


This beautiful plant can withstand a range of lighting conditions. It is well known that snake plants can tolerate low light. The moonshine, however, is less understanding than its relatives. 

Low light will not stop it from growing, but it won't grow as rapidly. Additionally, it will lose its stunning, renowned ultra-light mint green hue. In shade, it starts to turn a darker shade of medium green. 

The best lighting for moonshine sansevieria inside is indirect bright light. They enjoy the morning sun the most. Avoid exposing your beauty to excessively direct sunlight since the leaves may quickly scorch.

Temperature And Humidity level

The moonshine snake plant is a tropical plant. Therefore, the Ideal temperature is between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (12–30 ºC). This plant, however, is quite resilient and can tolerate some temperature variation. Additionally, this plant is used to enduring both extended dry periods and seasons of rain. The moonshine snake plant doesn't need high humidity. Spraying it or increasing the humidity level isn't advised. Leaves prefer to stay dry. 


The moonshine snake plant is succulent. Just like others, it does not like to be watered often. Before watering the plants, make sure the soil is absolutely dry. Depending on the growth environment, this snake plant may only require watering every 4-6 weeks. Make sure the plant's pot has drainage. This way, you will avoid letting it sit in any water. Avoid overwatering 

since this might cause bacterial and fungal problems.

Soil And Fertilizer

The moonshine snake plant loves the soil that is loose and well-draining. The succulent and cactus potting mixes can be a great option. They are sensitive to root rot when water accumulates around the rhizome structure. Drainage is a crucial consideration when selecting soil. You can also make the soil yourself at home. For this, mix the regular potting mix with sand and perlite. The ratio has to be 2:1:1. 

Those plants do not need much additional food. Yet, they will be happy if you give them some fertilizer during the growing season. They actively start to grow in the early spring and through summer. Be careful not to over-fertilize your plant. For this, read the instructions carefully. 

Bottom Line

The moonshine snake plant is one of the most loved houseplants. It has unique-looking leaves which can be a great decoration. Upright leaves and dramatic-looking foliage are truly spectacular. Those plants grow pretty slowly and require very little attention.