Iva annua aka Marsh Elder


Common names

Marsh Elder, Pelocote, Rough Marsh Elder

How to care for Marsh Elder


Marsh Elder should be watered regularly, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings.


Marsh Elder requires abundant, bright, and direct light to thrive. The best placement for this plant is within one foot of a window to ensure it receives enough light. If you live in an area with more extreme weather, such as hot summers or cold winters, you may need to adjust the placement of the plant accordingly. During hot summer months, it is important to place the plant away from full sun, as this can cause the leaves to yellow or burn. During cold winter months, it is best to move the plant closer to the window to take advantage of the extra light that can help it survive. By keeping an eye on the current weather in your area, you can make sure your Pelocote is always in the right place to thrive.


Ploi lacks confirmed information on the toxicity of this plant. If you, a relative, or your pet accidentally consume plant material with unknown toxicity, it's best to consult a medical expert.


New growth will sprout from the top of the Marsh Elder as it grows vertically.

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