Parodia oxycostata


How to care for Parodia oxycostata


Parodia oxycostata does best in dry soil and should only be watered sparingly.


The Parodia oxycostata is delicate when it comes to soil that is too damp, therefore, it is crucial to select a potting soil that has efficient drainage and doesn't hold an excessive amount of moisture. An ideal soil should consist of a substantial amount of perlite or vermiculite for proper drainage and some organic matter for nutrition. Mixing a few handfuls of perlite with commercially available cactus soil should produce the desired result.


Parodia oxycostata requires abundant, bright and direct light. Placing it less than one foot from a window is the best way to make sure the plant receives enough light to survive and thrive. Depending on your region, however, the current weather can affect the placement of the plant in your home. For example, in some areas the sun may be too direct and intense, so it's best to place it farther away from the window. You may also need to adjust your placement according to the season as the sunlight can change intensity over the course of the year. If you live in a region with significant temperature fluctuations, such as a desert, you may need to place the plant a bit farther away from the window to avoid extreme heat or cold. With some care and attention, your Parodia oxycostata will be sure to bring you many years of beauty and enjoyment.


Ploi does not possess verified information regarding the toxicity of this particular plant. In the event that you, a member of your family, or a pet ingests plant material with an unclear toxicity level, it is highly recommended to seek the advice of a medical professional.


Parodia oxycostata thrives in dry environments, but if you provide extra humidity or mist your plant, the lingering water on its leaves could create an ideal environment for certain fungal diseases.


The growth of Parodia oxycostata is gradual and it doesn't necessitate any additional fertilizers. Replacing the soil in its pot once a year should suffice to provide the plant with sufficient nutrition. It's important to keep in mind that plants derive their energy from the sun's rays, not fertilizers.

Region of origin

Parodia oxycostata’s native range is Northern South America.

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