Pilea peperomioides aka Chinese Money Plant


Common names

Chinese Money Plant, Chinese Missionary Plant, Pancake Plant

How to care for Chinese Money Plant


Chinese Money Plant is generally easy to care for.


Chinese Money Plant should be watered regularly, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings.


Chinese Money Plant loves a well-draining soil. Perlite and vermiculite help with drainage, while coco coir adds organic matter, so a good potting soil mix will have all three. You can improve store-bought soil by adding some perlite to it.


Chinese Money Plant may not thrive and may drop leaves if it does not have enough sunlight. Place it less than 3 feet from a window to increase the potential for growth.


During the wintertime, it is common for Chinese Money Plant plants to go dormant and their growth rate may slow down. Therefore, the amount of waterings should be spaced out more.

Cat approves this plant


Chinese Money Plant is not known to cause harm to humans or pets.


The Chinese Money Plant does not demand additional humidity levels. Water is mostly absorbed by the roots of plants, rather than their leaves, and the best way to provide humidity to your plants is through watering the soil.


Once the Chinese Money Plant has doubled in size or after a year has passed, it should be moved to a new pot. By replacing the soil with fresh potting soil containing all the vital nutrients, your plant will receive all the sustenance it needs, negating the requirement for fertilizer. It's important to remember that plants get their energy from the sun, not fertilizer.


New growth will sprout from the top of the plant as it grows upwards.

Region of origin

Chinese Money Plant’s native range is Worldwide.


If you provide your Chinese Money Plant with adequate amounts of sunlight and water, it will bloom.