Dracaena fragrans aka Corn Plant


Dracaena fragrans, more commonly known as cornstalk dracaena, is a flowering plant species native throughout tropical Africa. It is also known as striped dracaena, compact dracaena, and corn plant. It grows in upland regions at altitudes of 600-2,250 m (1,970-7,380 ft). The popular houseplant White Jewel can be identified by its bright streaks of white on the broad green leaves, which can grow up to 9 in (25 cm) on long slender stems. White Jewel can grow up to 6 ft (2 m) tall and up to 31 in (80 cm) wide when mature, and is resistant to various diseases and pests. It is also known for the protective resins called Dragon’s Blood found within, which has been used for thousands of years as a dye, varnish, medicine, and incense. When flowering, it blooms at night and emits smells that attract night pollinators like moths.

Common names

Corn Plant, Fragrant Dracaena, Dracaena

How to care for Corn Plant


Even if you don't have a green thumb, you can successfully care for Corn Plant due to its easy-going nature.


Corn Plant does best in dry soil and should only be watered sparingly.


Corn Plant loves a well-draining soil. Perlite and vermiculite help with drainage, while coco coir adds organic matter, so a good potting soil mix will have all three. You can improve store-bought soil by adding some perlite to it.


During the wintertime, it's common for Corn Plant to go dormant and their growth may slow down, so waterings should be spaced out more.


The toxicity level of this plant has not been officially confirmed by Ploi. If there is a possibility of ingestion of plant material with an uncertain toxicity by you, a family member, or a pet, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a medical professional.


Corn Plant prefers dry environments, so misting the plant to provide extra humidity and allow water to linger on the leaves can create an ideal environment for fungi that can be harmful.


The growth rate of Corn Plant is slow and it doesn't necessitate additional fertilizing. By changing the soil in its pot annually, the plant should be provided with adequate nutrition. It is crucial to keep in mind that plants derive their energy from the sun, not fertilizers.

Region of origin

Corn Plant’s native range is Africa to Southern Asia and Australia.

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